Reimagining the Ocean

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Maritime Museum Tasmania

Reimagining the Ocean is a group exhibition curated by Dr Llewellyn Negrin embedded throughout the Museum, opening a contemporary dialogue with the collection through a reimagining of the ocean as a source of life rather than of conquest.

Something Fishy About These Fish, Chantele Delrue


Instead of regarding the sea through the lens of threat and danger, it will consider the ocean as a liminal space which offers a means of transition not just between different geographical locations but between old and new identities.

Artists featured include:

  • Frances Watson
  • Jane Slade
  • Denise Rathbone
  • Janelle Mendham
  • Linda Erceg
  • Jan Dineen
  • Chantale Delrue
  • Janine Combes
  • Christl Berg


Reimagining the Ocean runs from September 9 2023 to December 2 2023

Shipwrecked, Frances Watson