Reimagining the Ocean

Event Dates

Reimagining the Ocean is an exhibition curated by Dr Llewellyn Negrin embedded throughout the Museum, opening a contemporary dialogue with the collection through a reimagining of the ocean as a source of life rather than of conquest.

Instead of regarding the sea through the lens of threat and danger, it will consider the ocean as a liminal space which offers a means of transition not just between different geographical locations but between old and new identities.

Artists featured include:

  • Frances Watson
  • Jane Slade
  • Denise Rathbone
  • Janelle Mendham
  • Linda Erceg
  • Jan Dineen
  • Chantale Delrue
  • Janine Combes
  • Christl Berg

Reimagining the Ocean begins in September 2023

'We are the shipwreck', Janine Combes
Janine Combes - We are the shipwreck