What we do

Promoting an understanding of the maritime heritage of Tasmania.

The Maritime Museum’s mission is to promote an understanding of the maritime heritage of Tasmania and its importance to people's lives through conservation, interpretation and presentation of our maritime history to the community.

As an island state, the sea is significant to all Tasmanians. 

The Museum explores the influence of the sea on the lives of Tasmanians and the strong maritime heritage of the island.

In our exhibitions you will find informative displays about aboriginal watercraft, early European explorers and whalers, and learn about how important sailing and steam ships were for developing Tasmanian industries. 

Discover these stories and more today on a voyage of discovery through Tasmania's maritime past. 


Our logo

In 2022 Maritime Museum Tasmania adopted a new logo inspired by Alexander McGregor's house flag. McGregor was a very successful shipbuilder and merchant who established a large whaling and merchant fleet based in Hobart and traded across the world in the second half of the nineteenth century.

His house flag flown by all his ships featured a dark blue and white gridiron. The house flag of McGregor's brother-in-law and close business associate James Bayley followed the same design but was bright red and white.