Westward was built in 1947 by Battery Point shipbuilder Jock Muir.

Initially intended as a recreational fishing yacht, Westward was converted into a racing yacht after the initial buyer fell through, and George Gibson became its new owner.

Gibson entered Westward in the inaugural Maria Island race in 1947, and then in the 1947 and 1948 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Races – and won all three.

Westward is the only Tasmanian-built vessel to win the Sydney to Hobart twice, and also the only vessel with a fishing well to ever win the race!

Following its racing career, Westward was used as a cruising vessel in the Pacific until returning to Tasmanian waters as a donation to the Maritime Museum in 2010.

Now Westward can be viewed in Constitution Dock, where it has been restored and maintained by Maritime Museum volunteers as a floating exhibit and a key part of Tasmania’s sailing history.

The presentation of Westward in Constitution Dock is generously supported by Nanni Diesel and TasPorts.