The Ancient Art of Scrimshaw

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Carnegie Building - Exhibition Room

Until mid-May, the Museum has an amazing exhibition of scrimshaw on display. This is truly a world-class exhibition which should not be missed. So what better time than to learn about the ancient art of scrimshaw.

“Scrimshaw” is defined as the art of carving or engraving whalebone into a variety of artworks and everyday items. It was done mainly by sailors on whaling ships, in their leisure time, as many could not read or write.  And did you know that the name for someone who made scrimshaw was a “scrimshander”?

So, sign up your budding scrimshanders! We will learn about the history of scrimshaw and the huge variety of items that were produced, from walking sticks to pastry wheels, dice, utensils and artwork. We will provide some “alternative whalebone” for the children to turn into their own wonderful art work, which they can take home (NOTE: no whales are being killed here!). We will also talk about the importance of whaling to Tasmania’s history.

As usual, we will have lots of fun activities, stories, drawing and colouring in for the younger ones, based on the history of whaling around Tasmania.
You only need to book for one session (they’re all the same), but please try and come if you book. It’s not nice if you don’t turn up and others miss out.

Places are limited, so please call us on 6234 1427 or email to make a booking.

Children need to be accompanied by a guardian.

Dates: Monday, 15 April: 10 am - 12 noon
           Wednesday, 17 April: 10 am - 12 noon
           Monday, 22 April: 10 am - 12 noon
           Wednesday, 24 April: 10 am - 12 noon

Cost: $5.00 per CHILD - 6-12 years
(Note: we have had to increase our cost to a per child basis to cover the cost of materials, etc. But it’s still cheap as chips and you still gain entry to the whole Museum on the day!)