Maritime Times editorial guidelines

Maritime Times Tasmania welcomes original historical or newsworthy articles for publication.

Original contributions, reflecting the Museum's mission to promote research into, and the interpretation of, Tasmania's maritime heritage, can be short notes or original articles with text about 700-1200 words, accompanied by images, if possible. Text will be edited to comply with the magazine's style and publication is at the discretion of the editor.

Do not copy word-for-word from websites, newspapers, books or other publications unless clearly indicating a quote and adding a reference, e.g. Mercury /date/ page number. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Please be aware of plagiarism (copying another's work), copyright, referencing and photo credits.

Contributions can be in a Word document, with embedded images or, preferably with separate .jpg or .png files.

We can accept legible handwritten articles, with loose photographs, which we will copy for you and return if required.

Images must have a caption, be credited to the photographer or to the source, and have written permission to publish; e.g. if you would like to add an image you see on a website, contact that source (there is usually a 'contact us' email link) and request permission to publish in the Maritime Times.

Please email your contributions, with attachments, to or post to The Editor, Maritime Times Tasmania, Maritime Museum GPO Box 1118, Hobart, TAS 7001. Alternatively, you can leave your contribution, with contact details, at the front desk of the Museum at the street address above.