Groups and tours

The museum welcomes enquiries from groups.

You can manage your own group visit, or we can provide a guide to help interpret the displays. Groups requiring a guided tour of the museum should ideally be limited to about 20 people due to space constraints within the galleries, but larger groups can be accommodated by splitting the group up.

The museum is wheelchair accessible and coach parking is available outside the museum on Argyle Street.

Online Booking Form


Is there a theme or topic the group would like to focus on?
(eg. Whaling, Sullivans Cove 1804, shipwrecks, exploration).


More information:

  • Tours are usually around an hour in duration
  • No charge for Leader on the day
  • Payment can be by cash, cheque, credit card, eftpos or invoice
  • Space limits in the galleries may require groups larger than about 20 to be split into two.
  • Coach parking is normally available outside the museum on Argyle Street

Tour leaders are welcome to visit the Museum in advance to help plan their visit.
Please advise on entry and the normal entry fee will be waived.

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