Maritime Times No 69 Summer 2019

1st Dec 2019

Issue no. 69 looked ahead to the summer, with previews of the 75th Sydney to Hobart yacht race and the coming cruise ship season. We also took a kayak and stroll to the George III shipwreck monument at Southport Bluff to help count Epacris stuartii (Southport Heath), reported on the ANARE lunch to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the launch of MS Fanefjord, or HMAS Wyatt Earp as the ship was known to the 1947 - 48 season's Antarctic expeditioners. Read about the Norval, a ship from New Brunswick that became a key vessel in 'the Great Sheep Lift' from Van Diemen's Land to Port Phillip in the 1830s and Frank gets knotted in Tamworth.