Latest Newsletters

Maritime Times No 64 Spring 2018

1st Sep 2018

Vessels to Tasmanian islands: LARCs, DUKWs, Ribs and Barges; canoes; catamarans; cruise ships; ferries, fishing boats, steamers.

Maritime Times No 63 Winter 2018

1st Jun 2018

SS Nord - the steamship and the Swedish model; Blue Gums Clippers and Whale Ships; Danish ships for Antarctica; Governor Maquarie's voyage; Letters of an emigrant; Adventure Bay's Cook'

Maritime Times No 62 Autumn 2018

1st Mar 2018

The Tug Boat issue - articles on Tugs around Tasmania and a feature on Hobart's Ocean Pier.

Maritime Times No 61 Summer 2017

1st Dec 2017

Phillis Seal - Shipping Pioneer in Tasmania; Harold Gatty of Campbell Town - a Tasmanian Navigator of world significance; The Westcoaster yacht race - Portsea to Hobart; Sydney to Hobart & Laun