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Maritime Times No 62 Autumn 2018

1st Mar 2018

The Tug Boat issue - articles on Tugs around Tasmania and a feature on Hobart's Ocean Pier.

Maritime Times No 61 Summer 2017

1st Dec 2017

Phillis Seal - Shipping Pioneer in Tasmania; Harold Gatty of Campbell Town - a Tasmanian Navigator of world significance; The Westcoaster yacht race - Portsea to Hobart; Sydney to Hobart & Laun

Maritime Times No 60 Spring 2017

1st Sep 2017

Maritime Recreation: Diving on the wreck of the Lake Illawarra, a personal history of the yacht Gypsy Moth; racing four foot twos; Dragon boat racing in Tasmania; the centena

Maritime Times No. 59 Winter 2017

1st Jun 2017

Maritime Arts and Crafts: The gift of a portrait of the Mary Blair inspires an article on the trade between Tasmania and China and the art it inspired in the nineteenth century; scrimshaw