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Maritime Times No. 56 Spring 2016

28th Sep 2016

Port Davey's connection to Whaling; Trywork Point - Tasmania's first known Bay Whaling Station; a note on Whale Charts as part of a larger projecton the British Southern Whale Fishery; Whal

Maritime Times No. 55 Winter 2016

1st Jun 2016

Issue 55 features articles on the Maritime Museum of Tasmania's home, the Carnegie Building, the aims and objectives of the Association of Heritage Boat Organisations, Mathew Flinders' time

Maritime Times No. 54 Autumn 2016

1st Mar 2016

This issue includes articles based on papers presented at a Hobart seminar jointly hosted by the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Maritime Museum of Tasmania in December 2

Maritime Times No. 53 Summer 2015

1st Dec 2015

Issue 53 celebrates the arrival of Summer by looking briefly at ninety years of overseas cruise ship visits to Hobart; on the other side of the world we present reminiscences of an unusua