Fazackerley Dinghies

Fazackerley dinghies are an important part of Tasmanian maritime heritage. For the last few years, the Maritime Museum of Tasmania has been conducting research and running displays at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival to promote and preserve the vessels built by Reg Fazackerley and to collect information about the Fazackerley family.

Reg Fazackerley was a prolific boat builder throughout the 20th century. Fazackerley vessels were usually built in the shed at the back of Reg’s home at Sandy Bay or next the family holiday shack at Randalls Bay. On average it took 2 weeks for Reg Fazackerley to build a dinghy from laying down the keel to the final coat of paint or varnish. Although Reg was the head boat builder, many of the Fazackerley family helped out.  Small children’s fingers did the putty work inside the dinghy and Reg’s best friend and son-in-law, Gus Sage, helped with the two-man job of clenching the copper nails through the planks.

Due to the superior materials and construction of Fazackerley's dinghies, they are currently very collectable vessels and prestigious items of Tasmanian maritime heritage. They had elegant lines, were very heavy and very safe. His design was copied by many so collectors should be aware of imitations claiming to be the real deal.


  • King Billy or Huon Pine planks
  • grown Oak knees
  • no ribs forward of the front thwart
  • a distinct tumble home on the transom
  • Clenched below thwart riser, roved above
  • the signature “R.F.” and a year of construction under a seat

It is estimated that Reg built well over one hundred vessels of a variety of sizes and designs, from large coastal traders to V bottomed plywood dinghies. But he was most renown for clinker dinghies. Reg built vessels to order particularly for Christmas and Father's Day presents. He also completed orders for organisations such as the Marine Board or for raffling at the Royal Hobart or Sandy Bay Regattas.




Historical Information or Memories

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