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Maritime Times No. 49 Summer 2014

1st Dec 2014

40th Anniversary Issue: The Origins of the Maritime Museum of Tasmania and 40th Anniversary celebrations, reflections on the past and looking to the future; the disappearance of FIS Endeavour <

Maritime Times No. 48 Spring 2014

1st Sep 2014

In this issue: HMAS AE1 Lost at Sea - A World War One maritime tradegy/ Departure of Troops from Hobart in 1914/ The Australian Merchant Navy in World War 2/ Oberhausen, a Tasmanian war prize

Maritime Times No. 47 Winter 2014

1st Jun 2014

The Success of Success: Hobart's First Maritime Museum?/ Sail Trading Vessels and Sawmilling: The Story of the ketch May Queen, following publication of SV May Queen:

Maritime Times No. 46 Autumn 2014

1st Mar 2014

In this issue; The Diary of Jack Fox (part 2): a personal account of 1920s whaling/ A Ship to the Rescue: SY Aurora and an Antarctic crisis of a hundred years ago/ Captain Copping