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Maritime Times No. 38 Summer 2012

10th Dec 2012

In this Issue: Fram and the triumphant Amundsen in Hobart /  The Voyage and Shipwreck of the Blenden Hall (pt 2) / Wreck of the Barque Svenor / Signal Flags at Runnymede and Narryna / Wyatt Ea

Maritime Times No. 41 Spring 2012

1st Sep 2012

Pananma's Figurehead; Picking Oakum; Goulburn by Sid Heatley; Fazackerley Update; 1925 US Navy Visit to Hobart; Commonwelth Lightships

Maritime Times No. 40 Winter 2012

1st Jun 2012

A Golden Ship; Passage, Hobart to Sydney, HMAS Ararat; Maritime

Maritime Times No. 39 Autumn 2012

1st Mar 2012

The German Antarctic Expedtion 1938-39; Tristan de Cunha; Titanic Centenary; The first Polar, Under Ice Explorers and teh Submarine (Part 1) 'The Explorer' continued plus Part 2: The Nautil