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Maritime Times of Tasmania no. 74 Autumn 2021

1st Mar 2021

In this edition we celebrate the reopening of the museum following the COVID lockdown.

Maritime Times of Tasmania no. 73 Summer 2020

1st Dec 2020

As has become 'traditional' the Summer edition focussed on, er, summer.

Maritime Times of Tasmania No 72 Spring 2020

1st Sep 2020

Issue 72 goes in search of Tasmanian trade with an article inspired by a portrait of the merchant ship Sir John Rae Reid from the collection at Hobart's historic house musem Narryna, t

Maritime Times No 71 Winter 2020

1st May 2020

This issue goes underwater...

Maritime Times No 70 Autumn 2020

1st Mar 2020

Issue 70 features reports and articles from museums and history groups around Tasmania: St Helen's History Room; Wildcare Friends of Tasman Island; Spring Bay Maritime & Discovery Centre, T

Maritime Times No 69 Summer 2019

1st Dec 2019

Issue no. 69 looked ahead to the summer, with previews of the 75th Sydney to Hobart yacht race and the coming cruise ship season.