List of Known Crew of the May Queen


Date  Skipper/ Helmsman                                         Crew
1868 William Nicholls/Thomas Oldham  
1868 T.Oldham  
1869 W. Nicholls  
1870-72 William Bell  
1873-1888? W. Nicholls  
1876 W. Boucher  
8 Feb 1882          H. Chesterman  
4 June 1883  Edward McKavoy

Francis Taylor,
George Hadley

16 Feb 1888 Edward McKavoy  
1890 Edward McKavoy  
1890's Jim Miley (Tom??) Joe Connors,
Alf Nicholls
1917 Henry John Price (Harry)  
1924  Alan Langford ('Stormy')  
1927  J. Langford (same as above)  
193? J.F. Madden  
193?  Benjamin James Boxall ('Gentleman Jim') Darcy Whitten,
Harry Price
22 July1931 W. A. Sward  
1932 -1942 Clyde (C.E.) Heather  Colin Millington,
Cyrl Heather
23 Feb 1942 D. W. Bluett  
1946 W.(Walter) Bluett Dec1946 Clyde McKay  
1946-1949 W. Bluett  
4 Feb1949-1951 R.(Bob)  McKay  Between 1951 and 1956 crew numbers dropped from a total of 3 to 2 persons
1958  Graham Madden (48 HP Gardiner Diesel Engine fitted)
1959 A. Langford  
5 Feb1960 A Bird  
1960 to 1973  Trevor Tuttle Graeme Hodge, Ray Tuttle, Gordon Brown, Trevor Tuttle, Wayne Evans, Reg Riley, Joe Heather, Preston Dransfield


Compiled by Bob Chesterman



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