Marking Time: A Maritime Trilogy, paintings by Fred McCullough

Marking Time: A Maritime Trilogy 

Fred McCullough

An exhibition of paintings by artist Fred McCullough celebrating three iconic vessels: the SS Maheno, HMS Nairana and the submarine HMAS J-7.

McCullough’s work responds to the dramatic sculptural and visual form of the three vessels, including featuring the spectacular “dazzle” livery of the Nairana which was painted onto the ship’s exterior during its service in the Royal Navy (see image below).

Fred McCullough, Nairana #3

McCullough talks about his paintings as “pictorial fiction based on fact. They are visual narratives which reflect and commemorate the spiritual and physical aspects,” of the vessels.

Fred McCullough, Maheno

The SS Maheno and HMS Nairana were frequent vessels to Tasmania in the early twentieth century. The Nairana operated across Bass Strait and the Maheno travelled between Hobart, New Zealand and Sydney. Both vessels were requisitioned by the military during the First World War.

The exhibition is open until 6 October 2019.