Beach Couture: A Haute Mess


Marina DeBris is an Australian based artist who makes amazing wearable art costumes out of plastic rubbish from the sea and seaside. Her creative and confronting work proves to be a medium with a very powerful message – the terrible effect of discarded plastics on the world and its wildlife.  


The outfits Marina has chosen to bring to the Carnegie Gallery are gaudy, flamboyant, sombre – and in the case of one only just completed – quite horrific. Its ‘fabric’ is made from the wings of mutton birds that died on Lord Howe Island. In their stomachs were the plastic pieces which also form part of the work. Their corpses and those in a neighbouring exhibition case were collected for the artist by Tasmanian based scientist, Dr Jennifer Lavers, shown modelling Marina's creation below.


The case with its line of dead birds, each with opened stomachs filled with plastics, should make us utterly ashamed of our careless attitudes and hopefully encourage us all to do a lot better. 

The exhibition runs until Thursday 20th September.